21 Easy Moving Tips & Tricks

From the clearing of the household items to properly curating all the belongings with proper packaging, shifting from one place to the other with all your assets is not a five-finger exercise. We have curated some of the smart tactics to move to a new home without taking too much of stress and getting your household items damaged during the shifting process.

  1. Start Organizing Early

Don’t wait for last minute plans. When you already have time and settled for the place where you are supposed to be moving, it is always better to make a proper plan prior to a month and a half. This will help in packing things in a proper and organized way with smooth sailing. Create a list and start commencing on particular segments, settling it off every week.

  1. Curate a proper moving strategy

So, if you are shifting to a nearby place close to your present location, you can either seek the help of your close friends and family or consider to rent a truck for one day. In case you are shifting to a faraway place with loads of different sizes of household items, you can seek the help of experts or certified movers and packers to help you out with impeccable professional service.

  1. Hunt for free moving boxes

Don’t just get away in spending your hard-earned money for cardboard boxes. One of the better options is to look forward to free moving boxes at local recycling shops or even from your neighbours. Or you can simply seek the help of professionals who will make the entire planning for you within your budget reach.

  1. Reuse Original Boxes of Electronics/Appliances

When you are commencing on packing your household items, there might be ones that already have their very one cardboard packages. Electronic appliances like TV, blender, table fans, acs and other small appliances have their very own boxes. If you are having their original boxes, make sure you use them in a proper way and properly fit into the boxes, without having to spend extra money on the packaging.

  1. Donate The Things That You Do Not Need

When you plan to move or shift to a newer location, you will be able to discover items or things that you do not use anymore. It could be anything, starting from different small items to clothing. Rather than carrying it or throwing it away, you can donate these to the ones who can make use of it.

  1. Get Your Quotes At Least From 3 Different Companies

Before you are getting in association with the right moving company, it is better to seal the deal that would be low on budget and great with services. There are different ways where you will be able to get in touch with certified companies. While you are interviewing the company, garner all the possible details, plans and services before getting into collaboration.

  1. Taking Inventory

When you are hiring a moving company, you need to make a list of some of the things by yourself. You should have the list of your household items, in case if something gets missing. Create a list of the items and track the number of packagings and boxes. Keep track of the items in each box and the different things kept inside it.

  1. Label Everything

You should label all the boxes before moving to the new location. Whoever is carrying the boxes or is in charge of the boxes might not be labelling the boxes. It is better to be on the safer side and get into labelling with the market so that it will become easier for you to find out the items and secure them in its proper places.

  1. Choosing the proper moving date

The best way to stop indulging into over expenses is by taking the decision of moving either during the mid of the week or the middle of the month. If you tend to move during weekends, there will be a hike in prices. Basically, the moving companies and rental trucks tend to charge lesser during the weekdays. They also opt for the option of lowering the prices during the mid of the month.

  1. Use Foam Pouches For Cutlery and Utensils

It is a time-consuming process when you tend to do plastic wrapping then cushioning and secure it with a lot of packing tape. Rather than going through that lengthy process, one of the best ways to secure the safety of your cutlery and glassware is by using foam pouches that tend to hold of these things. The only thing that you need to do is to slip the items inside the foam pouch and secure it in a cardboard box.

  1. Create Your Moving Day Kit

It is not that on the day of your moving, you will have all the items getting loaded in the transportation vehicle. You need to keep some of the things to yourself that are part of essential belonging. So it is better to keep with yourself a bag or trolley where you will be able to keep the essentials like some clothes, bulbs, daily necessities and so on.

  1. Secure Your Valuables

Find a proper place to store your valuables on the day of moving. Make sure that anything that is highly important or has chances to cause damage, consult with the moving company and secure things properly. If you are moving a computer, better do a quick backup of your files and data, in case if something wrong happens.

  1. Place Heavy Items Into Small Boxes

Rather than taking up the risk of placing the heavy items into larger boxes, it is better to make a smart move and switch to smaller boxes. This will further pave a great way to the easy carrying of the boxes and also prevent your items from getting damaged.

  1. Delay Deliveries

There might be the purchase of new items or important things before moving to your new house. Rather than getting into the mess of taking up the delivery where everything is into packing and moving, schedule the delivery date. This way you will be able to focus more on the moving, packing, labelling and proper shifting.

  1. Stuff Your Fragile Item Boxes With Pillows and Blankets

It is like killing two birds with one stone when you tend to stuff the fragile items with pillows and blankets. Not only there is extra cushioning for items but also there will be extra safety for the things preventing them from breaking or getting damaged.

  1. Dissolve The Items If Possible

There is certain furniture that could be dissolved and be formulated again with the help of the instruction guide. All you have to do is make sure that you are securing even the smallest of the things properly with bubble wrapping and putting the elements into a single box. This will further help you to identify the furniture and make it into being upright.

  1. Flatten The Boxes After Moving

If you have plans to move to a better place or a new location, it is always better to save than throwing away. Once you are done with the unpacking, you can flatten all the boxes and save them for the next move. This will help you to save money rather than a higher expenditure.

  1. Check Cabinets, Drawers And Other Places Before Leaving

When you are moving out, there are possibilities where you might have left things behind. It is always better to recheck all the areas of the house including kitchen, bathroom, closets and drawers before handing over the keys.

  1. Change The Lock Of The New House

You never know whether the previous owners have had spare keys given to others or not. For safety purpose, you can opt for the option of changing the lock system and if not it, you can rekey your entire house locks before shifting or after moving in.

  1. Carry Extra Cash To Tip The Movers

There are many people who tend to tip their movers for the great job done. If you are planning to do the same, rather than heading to the ATM, it is better to carry cash. You never know, you could need it for emergency purposes too.

  1. Use Packers and movers in Faridabad Proper Planning Tool

Get in touch with the reputed Movers and Packers and provide them with all the details of the moving date, items and relevant details. The experts are there to make a proper analysis and provide you with the best security plan that will help you go through the entire process of moving and shifting in a smooth and hassle-free way.