Steps To Follow When Pack A Kitchen

When you are doing all the packing things for moving, one of the most dreading parts is the kitchen. It covers all the utensils, dishes, cutlery, appliances, drawers, shelves and other small relevant things. When packing the items in the kitchen, you should not hurry and that you need to follow through a proper guideline just like the other rooms of the house. You need to be careful with the packing when you will be shifting to the new place.

Steps To Follow –


If there are kitchen appliances like blender, mixer, induction oven and microwave, must have their original packing boxes. Rather than putting them into new cardboard boxes, you will get the packaging material for the same and use it to cover the appliances. You can easily remove the small items attached to it, shift it into small packaging, locate the manual and attach it near the appliance. You can simply wrap the fragile items with bubble wraps and secure it with either a newspaper or towels.

Cutlery and Glassware

Start with placing layers of bubble wraps or packing the ones with the paper on the bottom of the box. Wrap the cutlery pieces one after the another into packing paper or use foam wrapping to secure the dishes from getting damaged or be broken. You can also put piles of thin sheets after every 2 to 3 dishes. If you are packing the glassware, wrap them with towels or secure them with blankets. In this way, you are not only packing the glassware but also placing the household items without hunting for new boxes.


It is easier to pack silverware utensils. Just sort out of the ones that you need. The fragile items need to be properly packed int a different box and be labelled. At first start with sorting out the silverware according to the type and secure it all in a properly sealed cardboard box and list the items for better understanding during unpacking.

Pots and Pans

The packaging of the utensils should be done in an efficient way so that it doesn’t cause any mess or damage at the same time. While you have found the right cardboard size for the packing of the pots and pans, make sure that you place one by one in a horizontal and diagonal position, alternatively. Secure them in the boxes and wrap it with glass lids, you can also use packing sheets to cover them or place them one after the other for safety.

Packing Food

If you are moving to a nearby area using Packers movers Delhi, you can carry the light food or the packet items into the grocery bags. When it comes to spices or oil and other pricey ingredients make sure before putting them into the grocery bags, you seal them properly to avoid spillage. Canned Foods are really not that expensive to carry, rather you can donate it to people or the ones who are in need. We will better suggest you not to carry frozen products like Meat, fish or other fresh goods as you need to have a proper icebox or cooler to store them. Before you load the items on the truck, make sure that you have the list of the items into account.

Donate and Dispose

It is not necessary that you need to carry canned foods or fresh foods at the time of moving. Rather if you do have some, either you can enjoy a meal with your family and share the rest with the ones who are in need. Donating is good work and giving away fresh food or utensils that you need no more will rather relief you from extra baggage.